I have always wanted to record a solo album.  I always thought that recording was reserved for horn professors and horn players who lived out their careers as exclusive chamber musicians and soloists.  I waited years to get to a point in my career where I felt that I was good enough as a professional and as a player to make a respectable product.  After all this time, I've decided to fill the hole in my heart and invest in creating something that I'm proud to stand by!

A number of colleagues have raved about Andrew Bove of Bove Audio and his work with brass recordings.  I myself can't say enough good things about him.  He has sharp ears and is extremely comfortable to work with!  He is honest but supportive in providing feedback, and he listens to my needs and concerns.  I am recording in shorter spurts than the average musician, and Andy has been great about being patient and keeping me on schedule.  We overlapped in school by a year and have played together in different places over the last ten years, and it's a real pleasure to work with him in this capacity.

Manon Hutton-DeWys is one of those musicians that intricately thinks about every detail she plays.  When she plays, I can see the score she's reading unfolding in the air.  It's really something special!  Although this repertoire is not particulary hard for her, she has poured hours of work and thought into it, and I am so grateful and lucky to play with her.  She has just finished her dissertation and is in the process of defending it.  I'm so proud of her and amazed at her work ethic!  Check out her website and her YouTube channel.

 We wrapped up the first session today, and we have another next week.  I'm excited to play again and work with these awesome musicians!  I'm looking forward to editing, working on the cover art, and planning a super release party.  I'm planning on reserving 25% of whatever money I can get for the CDs and donating it to the ACLU.  Signing petitions and writing letters, and calling politicians with no concrete results is important in ways I'm not seeing just yet, but I know that this organization is doing things as I write this to defend those who are literally without a defense.  I'll post more about distribution details as I get to that part of this process.

Have you ever undertaken a recording project?  What was your experience like?  How did you choose your repertoire?

I'm hoping that at the end of this, I have something that will inspire young horn players, the way that the albums from David Pyatt, Froydis Ree Wekre, Peter Damm, Dennis Brain, and so many others inspired me.  It might not be a classic like those that have played before me, but maybe it will help someone that is looking to hear these pieces and maybe even discover a piece they've never heard before.  I'll keep you all posted!

- Audrey