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Bustin’ Through the January Funk


Bustin’ Through the January Funk

Hello again! I hope the dust has settled and you’re all getting a minute to rest and take a nap after the busy holiday season. Now that we’re starting the slow winter creep, here are some things I do every year to help get my year started on the right foot.

Take a walk! 

I’m always thrown for a loop when the New Year jobs are over and the social vibe is gone. When I’m working a lot, I’m also socializing a lot, and losing both at the same time can be depressing. I take one long walk a day, no matter how cold it is. It gives me something to look forward to every day, and the fresh air does wonders for warding off the seasonal depression that comes with the dark days. It also helps burn off those holiday cookies and cocktails that were oh-so-fun going down the hatch! 

Start something new!

Even if it’s just a new routine on the horn, I force myself to try something I’ve always wanted to do. An iPhone game, a new language, a new recipe: there’s probably already an app for it. It helps me transition from a busy calendar to a bleak one with minimal depression. This year, I’m taking on some new baking ventures that I didn’t have time for in December!

Do stuff!

Is there a park you’ve wanted to see? A movie you missed? A museum that you should have visited long ago? A new store that had a grand opening in October and you  never made it? January is a great time for eventing because the crowds have died down and you can enjoy these things with a little space. I definitely have some new playgrounds on my list to run around in with my crew.

And if all else fails...

Seasonal depression is a real thing. Post-busy-season hangover can be a real bummer. If I find myself wallowing in the middle of the day and I can’t pick myself up enough to see the positive, I force myself to text a friend. A “Happy Belated New Year” can snap me out of a spiral, and sometimes I pull together a hang of my own. Musicians are trained by themselves, but there’s no reason we have to stay that way.


Best wishes for good winter months! ❤️  What do you do to beat the blues? Comment below.